the GazettE / undying【cover】

It’s no surprise that Ryo is not only a drumming maniac but also a hell of a music producer! Today we’re presented with a the GazettE cover by this man who once was a part of girugamesh! The song in talks is the GazettE’s latest single UNDYING, probably one of the best work to come from this band, but we digress…

A song which such flavor as UNDYING is hard to replicate without losing some of its essential essences, though, this really wasn’t the case with Ryo. The vocals upholds the voice of Ruki’s agonizing sound, and with screams and false chords that obviously is beyond standards! Instrumentally speaking, this interpretation is mixed with a bit more progressive metal feel than the original song. Making the harsh vocals more prominent, however, gives less room for the clean vocals to shine in the spectrum.

Oh? Did we not mention how Ryo also tries to match up his look with the song he’s covering? Put him in a photoshoot with the GazettE and he’ll fit right in!

the GazettE / undying【cover】

Over the course of this year, Ryo has released covers ranging from anime openings such as Unravel by TK from Ling tosite sigure and Guren no Yumiya by Linked Horizon, to some classic songs such as Cage by Dir en Grey and Adore by lynch.

Ryo playing Uruha's (the GazettE) guitar solo part.

Ryo playing Uruha’s (the GazettE) guitar solo part.

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