JROCK NEWS aims to bring Japanese rock music to fans across the globe.

Our goal is to provide up to date news to Jrock fans around over the world with our international team of dedicated and passionate writers. JROCK NEWS writers are spread internationally to bring you local and global news about update tours, gigs and events in the Japanese rock culture.

JROCK NEWS was started back in 2008 January 25 as a casual blog space for Japanese rock news.  As the blog grew in popularity, the community bloomed, and the first two members joined the team 8 months later. Over the years, the blog has attracted over 50 million views, supported and maintained by hundreds of writers and volunteers. We have brought people who love Japanese rock together from all over the world, enticing artists to perform aboard, connecting fans to artists, all to share our passion with people who also love Japanese rock music.

In 2015, JROCK NEWS decided to move on to greater aspirations to bring even more exclusive content and features to the Jrock fans.

To contact us, email info@jrocknews.com.