Just as Ryo promised in our recent interview with girugamesh, more cover songs are to be published, and today this is exactly what we got! A fan-favorite anisong, Guren no Yumiya by Linked Horizon, the opening theme song of Attack on Titan!

Rather than the original five-minute long song, this cover is about two minutes long and is constructed in a similar fashion to the TV-size version. By now it should come to no surprise that Ryo handled entire production of the cover song once again, and it’s just as impressive as any of his previous covers. It also looks like Ryo started to notice his primary fanbase on YouTube consist of mainly his English speaking fans, and thus he included a short oral message in English at the beginning of the video:

Hey everyone, I’m Ryo TrackMaker and drummer of girugamesh. Thank you for watching my video. If you like my cover songs, please follow me on YouTube, instagram and Twitter.

We actually saw teasers of this cover a few days back on Instagram, so go ahead and follow him if you would like to keep up with minor and big news! You can find all of the links down below.

ryo girugamesh attack on titan guren no yumiya linked horizon animation

Ryo playing around with a Colossus Titan cutout while giving the intro speech.

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