From silly girugamesh demos, to K-pop metal covers! girugamesh’s drummer Ryo the “track maker“, is now back on track (pun intended) to show off his excellent cover of Dir en grey’s classic “Cage”!

Some of you may know that Ryo composes the majority of girugamesh’s songs, so don’t be surprised when you see this man take on the guitar, bass, piano (synthesizer), and vocals all by himself. Ironically, the drummer programmed the drums on his computer in MIDI. That’s however expected as recording acoustic drums is a lot more troublesome, compared to the other instruments used.

But what would a “track maker” video from Ryo be without its educational components? In this video he also lists instructions on how he went to construct some of the individual tracks; for instance what plug-ins (VST) he used to get the vocal effect, also other fairly basic tips like how you should avoid peaking the waves.

To those who are interested in knowing more about music recording, or his equipment, drop a comment down below and we’ll do our best to answer them!

Ryo TrackMaker” is girugamesh’s Ryo’s personal YouTube channel which he uses to share demos, live footage, covers, along with tips when working with music software (D.A.W.). He started uploading videos to this channel back in 2014 and has since been providing content periodically, with the previous video being uploaded nine months ago.



ryo track maker girugamesh cage cover dir en grey animated bass solo

Ryo playing the bass solo in “Cage”.

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