On February 18, JROCK NEWS was introduced to the world on the international Japanese channel, NHK world. We were invited to be featured on the prestigious Japanese music program J-MELO, a household name for anyone interested in Japanese music. the GazettE, Versailles, A9 have all made an appearance in this show and this is the program where MIYAVI first met his wife Melody, the presenter at the time. This was the first time our website and our team has been on television and shown across the globe.


We felt hugely honored to see that our work had been recognized by the NHK world team in Tokyo. The interviewer and camera crew came to our London office where the recording took place.

May J. introduced JROCK NEWS as “a Jrock website [that] is getting attention all over the world” which made the team immensely proud of our efforts. In the interview section, I was invited to explain why we feel Japanese rock is amazing and covered three popular bands: ONE OK ROCK, BABYMETAL, and BAND-MAID.

Who would have thought that we would have accidentally ticked a bucket-list item to have my face appear in a small reaction box on Japanese television?

We would like to thank the readers and NHK world who have made this possible. We will do our best to continue promoting Jrock overseas! Here are some behind the scenes with one of our writers Sizergyia (in the black and white pattern shirt), who was incredibly helpful on the day of recording:

Official website

Official website


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