Update September 4, 2020: We are not currently recruiting new staff. But feel free to submit your application for future consideration. Thanks.

JROCK NEWS is a team of dedicated fans of Jrock and visual kei around the world that have one common goal: to bring the most up-to-date news and relevant information in the industry to fans around the world. We are always looking for other volunteers who would like to join us on our journey to become one of the greatest Jrock-related websites there is, and if you would like to get your name out there as a person who tries to expand Jrock to newer horizons, then consider applying for our page!

JROCK NEWS is a site of friendly people who like to have a fun time while working together. However, we carefully select new joiners and seek the most promising and serious applicants. So, before you apply with us, consider the following points:

We are a team of volunteers. This means that none of the team members get paid for their hard work. Instead, we let our love for Jrock drive us to donate our time to the site. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any rewards to writing for JROCK NEWS. If you prove yourself to be a dedicated member of the team, you may be provided to opportunity to attend live shows near you as press, and occasionally get the chance to interview people face-to-face. You also get the chance to share some time with other JROCK NEWS members and have deep conversations about Jrock in general with our worldwide staff. Lastly, you get the chance to develop a writing portfolio that can be useful for your future (we are glad to provide references as well).

We are looking for serious applicants. Please carefully review the expectations for each of our positions before applying. We’re looking for team members who are dedicated and want to help JROCK NEWS grow. Even though these are voluntary positions if you join you will be expected to dedicate a portion of your time on a regular basis. We ask that you are honest about the time you can give and think hard before applying about whether or not this is something you can do for a decent amount of time. If you only want to help for a month or two, or only want to work on one page, please do not submit an application.

We are a team of adults. All of our staff are of 18 years of age or older. In order to maintain a professional environment within our team, we ask that all applicants be over the age of 18 as well.

You are expected to maintain a professional attitude. We like to have fun and joke around as we work together, but when it comes to our job, we do things professionally. This also includes being courteous to other team members, willing to accept encouraging criticisms, and working together with other staff on projects.

Open positions

News Reporters

News reporters will be the busiest position to apply for, as there are literally hundreds of bands to cover. As a news reporter, you will be expected to write about new releases, music videos, tours, and the like. These don’t necessarily have to be super long but do have to be approximately 150-200 words long. Occasionally, we will also present you the chance to do music reviews, live show reports, and be in charge of interviews as well.

Japanese to English Translators

We are looking for people fluent in Japanese to help us translate Japanese text from bands. Such text would include Twitter and Facebook updates from bands, song titles, and any important announcement a band may make.

Tips for applicants

Applicants will need to be fluent in written English, have a keen eye for following guidelines and be able to write articles with speed and quality. You will be working with an international team and we are looking for volunteers who are fast learners, able to collaborate with the team, and able to take on the responsibility of representing us.

We are taking on international applications from people who can work remotely. Work time is completely flexible to when it is best for you, but it will be beneficial if you have experience with blogging systems such as WordPress.

Please note that we’re only looking for the best applications. Before you submit your application, you should thoroughly proofread it for spelling errors, grammatical errors, or any other errors of any kind (especially if you’re applying for a writing position!). You’ll be amazed at how many poorly-presented applications we receive.

Update September 4, 2020: We are not currently recruiting new staff. But feel free to submit your application for future consideration. Thanks.

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