Join the JROCK NEWS team!

JROCK NEWS is an international team of dedicated Japanese rock and visual kei enthusiasts that have one common goal: to deliver the most up-to-date music news to fans around the world.

We are looking for serious and dedicated volunteers who are passionate about Japanese rock music who can work remotely. This is an unmissable opportunity for those who are seeking real-world experience in content creation in the entertainment and music industry.

Open positions

📝 Junior Writer
As a writer, you will be expected to write about new activities by bands and artists including new albums, singles, music videos, tours, and more. Eventually, we may ask you to attend concerts for live reports as well as leading interviews. We expect exceptional editorial writing, so to get started, please make sure to get acquainted with the standard news articles before you apply.
📷 Junior Writer + Photographer
In this combined role, you will start as a writer, and once your writing skills are established, you’ll have the opportunity to expand into photography while continuing as a writer. Please review the writer’s role description for more details.
🌎 Japanese to English Translator
We are looking for people fluent in Japanese to help us translate Japanese text from bands. Such text would include press releases, interviews, social media updates, and more.

If you do not see a role you are looking for, you will have a chance to enter a suggested role later in the application form.


Although we are a team of volunteers, there are rewards to writing for JROCK NEWS which can not be found in your everyday job. You’ll have the chance to flex your skills in areas you are passionate about in a professional environment, whilst meeting people who love Japanese music and culture. Senior members of the team are offered opportunities to attend concerts and exhibitions as press, as well as incredibly special experiences of interviewing bands you love, remotely and face-to-face.

Lastly, you get the chance to develop a portfolio that will be useful for your future. We can provide references for real-world job applications and we have a history of successfully helping our team in their career and studies.

Before applying, please consider the following:

  • Do you have a good understanding of the content we create?
    As one of the world’s leading reputable and credible sources for Japanese rock music news, our articles are completely custom written in-house and involves in-depth research and peer reviews. We expect excellent editorial writing, so please get acquainted with the various types of articles we publish to gain a sense of the content we create: Articles on new releases / Entertainment pieces / Concert reports / Interviews
  • Can you dedicate time to this site?
    We ask that you are honest and realistic about the time you can give. Although these are voluntary positions, you will be expected to dedicate a portion of your time on a regular basis, to be reliable, and prompt with responses. We are looking to nurture applicants joining for the long run and this takes time for both parties.
  • Can you maintain a professional attitude?
    We are looking for applicants who work well when collaborating with other members. This also includes being courteous, willing to learn, and accepting of constructive criticisms. We ask that you are able to take on the responsibility of representing JROCK NEWS both online and in the field.
  • Fluent in English.
    We are an English publication and expect excellent writing skills across all roles. Applicants will need to follow guidelines and be able to write articles with speed and quality. Part of the writing process involved data entry and peer reviews, so you must have a keen eye for detail.
  • Are you over the age of 18?
    We can not accept underaged applications.
  • Experience with blogging systems is a plus, though not compulsory.

Application process

  1. We will ask for your basic contact information and applicants will be tested on their written English.
  2. We will email you when we have reviewed your application.
  3. Successful applicants will enter the probation period and be trained in their role.

Please note that we’re only looking for the best applications. Before you submit your application, you should thoroughly proofread it for spelling errors, grammatical errors, or any other errors of any kind.

Applications with plagiarized content will be automatically banned and discarded.

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