The Jrock community has been abuzz with excitement since Lolita23q announced their comeback with the original line-up. But fans of RYO:SUKE’s solo project, WING WORKS and the LOTUS have been wondering what will come of these two. Some have even shown concern for them, speculating that their futures might not be bright ones. Well, we’re here to tell you that that’s not the case. It’s okay to let out a big sigh of relief and relax, because both RYO:SUKE and Ryuto will continue in their respective bands while they work in Lolita23q! Bassist Tsubasa of the LOTUS and RYO:SUKE confirmed this for us in a blog entry and Twitter post, that have been translated below by our very own Shmilly:

Since I’m bad at writing messages like this, and I’ve been busy with the new Twitter account, it’s taken a while to make a comment here, but Ryuto will be playing with both Lolita23q and the LOTUS from now on. However, we see this not as a negative but a good thing for both bands, so we’ll continue to perform with four members even after September 25*. I’m sorry for those of you who were worried when you heard the announcement!

With the forthcoming departure of Rian, the four of us have spent a great deal of time considering our musical direction and the future of the LOTUS, so there may be some small changes here and there. But speaking for myself, I want to deliver the music and performance that I can believe in to all of our fans. That’s all I’ve been thinking about so far, and I’m going to continue thinking that way.

So please continue to believe in us and support the LOTUS.

— Tsubasa

It was on this same date, September 18 four years ago that I began WING WORKS. Truly, the reason I was able to make it this far is because of all your support. Thank you always.

I will become WING.

And, I will continue to blaze together with my WINGERs*.

Let’s burn on.


So there you have it. Both members will be busier than ever playing in both bands. So let’s do our part and give them some support! To stay up to date with their activities, you can follow Ryosuke’s newly created Twitter account for Lolta23q projects and Ryuto’s, which doubles for both of his bands.

*WINGERs, the official name of the WING WORKS fan club.
*September 25, the date of guitarist Rian’s last live with the LOTUS.

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Source: Ameba and Twitter

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