Do you remember those dark times back in 2012 when Lolita23q announced to go on hiatus, and the members went on to form their own separate bands, and you realized it was one of those hiatuses that last forever? Remember how your world seemed pointless now, and the environment around you began to lose its color?

Yes, it was a hard time for us all. But, recently, the band announced a one-day revival (with former vocalist Sou), that actually took place today, where the band announced that they were back together and will continue activities as a band! The band will hold their proper revival live, titled Re:Union Ward, on January 15, 2017 at Zepp Tokyo.

The band will release a new live-limited, one-coin single at their upcoming revival live as well, but surely it won’t be long before we get news of a proper release now.

In an industry where bands disappear like hot, fresh bread at a discounted price, it is surely nice to see one band decide to give it another shot, especially when the band had so many followers before they decided to call it quits. Hopefully Lolita23q will last for years now, and we also hope some other bands decide to re-unite full time again sometime in the future. (I’m looking at you girugamesh and NEGA.)

Lolita23q revival live poster

Lolita23q revival live poster

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