We really hate to be the bearer of bad news, but some band announcements shouldn’t go unmentioned. Such is the case with the LOTUS, who recently shared some unfortunate news with its fans. On June 10 the LOTUS announced that guitarist Rian will say farewell to his band mates, following their one-man live, Beginning, at Takadanobaba AREA on September 25. The band apologized as they gave the reason for his decision to withdraw, saying that, he’s felt a disconnection between his way of thinking and the other members. Slightly more recent, on June 12 the talented guitarist elaborated on his choice in a blog entry, that’s been translated below by our writer, Shmilly:

In regards to the recent announcement that I will be leaving the LOTUS, I am truly sorry to all the fans who have supported me this far that it had to be this way.

First I guess you want to know why I have decided to leave. To put it simply, it’s because of a difference in musical direction and motivation from the rest of the band. Please understand that this isn’t just the easy way out – I have been trying for almost a year to overcome these differences, and after talking with the others on numerous occasions and receiving their consent and understanding, I finally decided this was the best decision. So please don’t worry: there’s no hard feelings between me and the rest of the LOTUS.

So, about my future plans. Honestly I haven’t given it too much thought just yet, but although I want to continue playing music as a hobby, right now I have no intention to return to the stage again.

Please continue to support the LOTUS as they continue with 4 members. I think it will be a little tough to take on the same responsibility with one less member, but I felt genuine enthusiasm from the others to do their best even as we decided I would be leaving, so I have no doubt they’ll continue to give their all.

When we started the LOTUS almost two years ago, I felt like I couldn’t really do anything. But since then I’ve come to recognize the fun of playing guitar, and feel the joy of standing on stage playing with the rest of the band. These two years I was able to spend with all our fans have been a very rich experience for me, and I think it will continue to give me strength going forward. I hope it’s the same for all of you too.

All that remains for me now is to give my all as Rian of the LOTUS until September 25. I want to make this one man tour an unforgettable memory alongside the other members of the LOTUS and all our fans, so please lend us your strength to make it possible.

I’m not good at expressing myself so I don’t know how well I could convey my thoughts and feelings to you, but these are my honest feelings.

Thank you for reading this until the end.

As Rian said, he’ll be departing on September 25, so you have a little more time to catch him with the LOTUS if you so wish to. As always, we hope Rian and the other members will be very successful in their future endeavors!

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Source: Rian’s Blog
Translation: Shmilly

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