It’s regrettable, but after 12 years together, the four-man metal band girugamesh announce their sudden disbandment which will take place on July 10, with their final show taking place at Zepp DiverCity, Tokyo, on that day.

Just about an hour ago (as of writing) the band announced their sudden disbandment through various social network services, stating:

girugamesh announced to disband after their final show at Zepp DiverCity (Tokyo) on July 10th.

The band released a mini-album called “chimera” on January 20th this year and went on a Japan tour playing 16 shows. From May 11th, their 5th Europe tour will start. The only show in Japan left is the final show of the Japan tour. Also, the band is now working on the new song for the show.

[From girugamesh]
girugamesh started from zero with hometown friends.
We’ve dedicated everything and done everything we could for the band for this long period of 12 years.
This is our honest feelings.
We had many encounters. Friends, staffs and fans.
Because of your support and encouragement, we could walk for 12 years.
We will express our gratitude with our best performance at our final show!!

Along the announcement they included a photo collage of their 12 years together used as the promotion image of their last tour in Europe, and final show at Zepp DiverCity.

Do take note that does not mean the band has stopped composing music, in the statement it says the band is preparing new song to be unveiled on their last live.

It might have just been us, but it seems like we’ve taken for granted of this Japanese band—who once had the loudest voice overseas—would keep on forever. Especially after releasing the impressive mini-album chimera earlier this year, and of course also the announcement of the upcoming Europe tour taking place throughout May.

Starting out in Chiba prefecture 2004, with a name inspired by the character Gilgamesh from the RPG game Final Fantasy, breaking into the overseas market, pioneering a new metal sound, touring around the world, appearing on TV-shows, composing over 100 excellent work. This band achieved a lot, and as fans we can only thank them for the wonderful 12 years and send them off with a smile.

JROCK NEWS will be attending the upcoming Europe tour to say our farewells personally.

More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Satoshi)
Twitter (Shuu)
Twitter (Nii&Ryo)
Vine (Nii&Ryo)

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