Continuing the endeavors of NANO’s self-produced mini-album, ANTHESIS, the bilingual singer is keeping its momentum with an online live concert also titled ANTHESIS. It is scheduled to take place on June 13 and of course, NANO will perform all of the songs from the mini-album. On top of that, fans have been asked to submit their favorite songs, whether it is a new or an old one. These song requests will effectively influence the setlist for the upcoming online performance.

Furthermore, the “Freedom Is Yours Project”—which started last year to unite the world as a response to the pandemic—is once again taking shape! The second round, which is appropriated named “Freedom Is Yours Project 2021“, is slightly different from last year, but still similar.

This year’s fan project is tied to the online concert, so anyone who has purchased a ticket to it is invited to submit their cover song video of “Freedom Is Yours“—the song. If you partake, you can expect to appear during the livestreamed concert on the LED panel backdrop that is set on stage. The final date for submission is June 4, 2021, you can find more details over at NANO’s English website.

Online live performance: “ANTHESIS”

  2. All I Need
  4. Hourglass Story
  5. Remember again
  6. Hourglass Story (Original Acoustic Version) (Bonus Track)
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