After delivering the best-of album “I” last year, nano is back with its 6th album “ANTHESIS”, available on April 14. This is an entirely self-produced work that takes the theme of “flowering” as indicated by its title. Tied to the announcement is also the pre-release of two songs from the album.

Unlike earlier releases, ANTHESIS is “a bold shift from their previous musical style”, turning the spotlight on a sound that brings out the Japanese and western rock through nano’s identity of being bilingual. Serving as a celebratory 10-year-anniversary-release, we’re able to experience the “new nano” thanks to the new material. Kosuke Nakanishi (vocalist and guitarist from SIAN) and nano are credited as the composers of all tracks, with the exception of the bonus track “Hourglass Story (Original Acoustic Version)” which the prominent Vocaloid producer buzzG worked on—both as composer and arranger.

【NANO】New mini Album「ANTHESIS 」Release !!

In conjunction with the flowering theme, the artist photo and artwork follow the same vein, however, its visual style is a drastic change from anything nano has previously shown. It’s now bright and emits a different vibe from the past’s darker and mysterious tone.

Starting March 17, the pre-release will commence where the first track AUTOBIOGRAPHY will be made available on all major download and streaming services. We can expect another one, the second track All I Need, two weeks later on March 31.

If you’re eager, it’s possible to pre-order the album ANTHESIS today until March 31 through nano’s official webshop. As a bonus, a special album sleeve will be included through purchases made via the official webshop. Fan club members will receive signed copies of the album in addition to the special sleeve.

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  2. All I Need
  4. Hourglass Story
  5. Remember again
  6. Hourglass Story (Original Acoustic Version) (Bonus Track)