Earlier this month nano began its “Freedom Is Yours #StayHome Project” to unite everyone during harsh times, asking fans and friends to contribute in order to create an audiovisual work that would send a strong message.

Today, nano premiered the song “Freedom Is Yours 2020” which was created with the help of hundreds of people, from vocals and instrumental covers, to dance covers and art submissions. Every submission was personally reviewed by nano and pieced into the music video.

nano also had a few words to share:

Hello, this is nano.

I started this global music project in mid April, thanks to the many heartfelt calls from around the world.

It was clear to see that it was not only I that felt the strong need to do something, however small, to express our support for everyone suffering from COVID19.

I received nearly 500 artful submissions in merely one week, a feat that exceeded all my expectations.

I have gone through each and every single piece personally, and managed to include them all into this project in some shape or form.

I thank everyone who contributed, from the bottom of my heart.

Our prayers go you, through these difficult times.
Stay strong. Stay Safe.
And rock on.

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