DARRELL becomes a four-member band once again with the addition of guitarist MIYA to the line-up. The announcement comes accompanied by the band’s new visuals, and a new digital single scheduled to be released on April 29. This little piece of news is enough to keep us excited while we wait for more details on the upcoming single that will introduce us to MIYA’s contribution to DARRELL.

Some may recognize guitarist MIYA from his previous band Megido. The band dissolved in late 2020 as MIYA’s bandmates decided to leave the band all at the same time, leaving MIYA as the sole member.

DARRELL’s latest activities on the other hand brought its fifth single BRILLIANT DEATH in July 2020. Fans received the release with open arms as it was a double-disc single comprised of two new songs and a compilation of DEATHGAZE cover songs. DEATHGAZE is of course the band vocalist and guitarist AI was active in prior to his solo activities and DARRELL.

Lastly, take a look at the members of DARRELL in their individual profile pictures.

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