The beginning of a new era has begun! AI of the currently on-hiatus DEATHGAZE will once again commence his musical activities with a full band line-up! The newly formed unit is called DARRELL and comprises of support members from AI’s solo-project.

With the announcements brought upon us, not much information has been revealed. What we know so far is that the band plans a single release for July 19 titled DEAD INSIDE, and as well as joining the line-up for a three-day tour in August with bands like NoGoD, Arlequin, umbrella and more.

AI has been releasing music as a solo artist since 2015, about a year after DEATHGAZE began their indefinite hiatus which has lasted even to this day. So far as a solo artist, AI released three singles, a venue-limited single, and a full-length album. The latest official announcement from AI’s solo-project website shares the same information as the DARRELL website, with no information if the solo-project has been put to a halt, realistically speaking, this is most likely the case.

AI on vocals and guitar

Guitarist Jun

Bassist JOKER

Drummer Makoto


NowPrinting CD

  • To be announced

More info:
Official Website

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