Well, here we are, stuck at home like everyone else. Won’t stop us from getting in this sanitized bath though. This week we aim to tackle how to handle a canceled show. Have you had any shows canceled? I mean probably at this point. Of course, we can’t help but address the elephant in the room as well. This on’s gonna be mostly discussion and we are gonna tackle a bit of your feedback from last time. Here’s to hoping to get back to a regular schedule again soon. We cut the quick bits for now and will see how things go. Always open to feedback. Stay safe and healthy. Maybe don’t hang around in any onsen other than this one.

Please note that the episode was recorded on March 16, 2020. Some of the content has been edited to keep the conversation relevant to the current news.

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How Japanese concerts and events are affected by COVID-19 - JROCK ONSEN Ep. 19

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