And we’re back in the bath. It’s a little empty in here this time, but we’re doing our best! It’s pretty early in the year and we are planning, not promising, to get more done. This time we want to tackle the relationship between anime and our interests in music.

Anime and music are so closely linked that anime songs are considered their own category in Japan. With that link in mind, it’s impossible to ignore how an anime theme song can influence your music choices. This can be from a music-focused anime or even an absolute banger of an opening theme. Either way, we all get influenced in some way.

So, jump on in and have a soak. While you’re at it let us know about anime’s staying power in your music tastes. I only found out about Backstreet Boys because of Hanada Shonen-Shi.

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How anime shapes lasting impact on taste in music – JROCK ONSEN Ep. 32

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