n the wake of so many public events being canceled, BAND-MAID has announced they will perform a livestream on Friday, March 20, at 19:00 JST. And they will be performing the set that was planned for this year’s KNOTFEST in Japan. The concert was recently postponed due to the global pandemic of COVID-19. Despite that, it seems to be a smart trend with other groups such as ACME who’s also performing livestreams.

The decision to broadcast the performance was sudden and we didn’t know exactly where you would be able to watch it. However, with the updated information on BAND-MAID’s Instagram on March 19, we now know it will be on YouTube.

No doubt that online entertainment will help ease the boredom for those staying home or under quarantine. While not being able to go to live events is disappointing, these livestreams are the next best thing. Likewise, one can use Facebook Watch Party to simulate a live experience with friends. As always, we at JROCK NEWS hope that you stay safe and healthy during these difficult times. Above all, no disease will stop our love of music!

Update 2020-03-19: The article has updated to reflect the latest information about the livestream platform. It will be livestreamed on YouTube at the previously specified time, March 20, at 19:00 JST.

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