As reported by NHK WORLD-JAPAN, major gatherings such as sporting, cultural, and other events have now been requested to be canceled, an initiative of the Japanese government to battle the on-going coronavirus outbreak. Within these aforementioned categories lies concerts which naturally attract a lot of people into a dense area, increasing the chance of the virus spreading.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe made the announcement at a government task force meeting, stating “Now is the crucial time to contain the spread of the virus at an early date”. Saying how the upcoming one or two weeks will be deciding on whenever the outbreak can be contained or not at an early date.

This announcement has caused many Japanese bands to abruptly cancel their concerts despite some of them being just days away or even hours!

Shinzo Abe requests major events to be canceled. Photo via NHK WORLD-JAPAN.

Below are a few selected bands that recently announced the cancelation or postponement of concerts. Please note that they have been paraphrased or shortened to fit, but we have linked to the source of each announcement. Twitter also compiles events affected by coronavirus under the category  “更新:新型肺炎の影響で中止や延期になったイベント一覧” (List of events affected by the new pneumonia).

the GazettE

the GazettE “18TH ANNIVERSARY DAY/6576” performance will be canceled on March 10 (Tuesday) in response to the government’s request. (Source)


To comply with the government request in regards to the coronavirus oubreak and to keep everyone safe and sound, we have unfortunately canceled four of the performances. (Source)


Preparations had been underway for the performances to go on as planned, but the Japanese government has announced its “policy to control the infection of the new coronavirus”. Although this is very unfortunate, it has been decided that these performances will be suspended. (Source)


Regarding the event “SNOW MONSTER HOTEL 2020”. In response to the government’s request to prevent the spreading of the new coronavirus. It has been decided that the concert will be canceled. (source)


With the announcement made by Shinzo Abe, based on its policies, the February 28 and 29 concerts have been postponed to prioritize the safety of the fans. (Source)


In order to comply with the request of the government regarding the spread of coronavirus which was addressed earlier this afternoon, the concert on February 27 and 28 have been postponed. (Source)


The Sapporo and Toyosu performances are canceled, we are looking to postpone these shows. Please wait until we are able to provide further information. There are already people who went to the venue and we apologize to have caused you this trouble. The thought about everyone looking forward to the concert and not being able to attend truly saddens us. (Source)

abingdon boys school

The shows which were scheduled to be held from March 5, 2020 have been postponed in response to the request of the Japanese government. (Source)


The performance on February 28 (Fri) has been canceled. (Source)

Starwave Records

We ask fans to please wear masks to the shows and wash your hands properly. If you have a fever or don’t feel well, please stay home. There are chances events may be canceled. (Source)

BANDAI NAMCO Arts (Lantis)

All events and concerts to be held by BANDAI NAMCO Arts (Lantis) will be cancelled or postponed from today until 15th March, to follow guidelines released by the Japanese government regarding the new coronavirus. We appologize for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding. (Source)

It only remains to see how long this measure will actually stay in place, depending on how the situation develops. According to The Guardian, there have also been talks about the possibility of canceling the Tokyo Olympics 2020 if the coronavirus is not controlled by the time of the event.

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