lynch. have recently updated their official website and social media accounts with what seems to be a new artist photo that shows just the silhouettes of the band members. There is also a countdown that, as of writing this, is currently at 74 hours and counting, adding up to a total of three days which at this point, we suspect an announcement of some kind.

As you may know already from our last article, bassist Akinori was arrested for “antisocial behaviour” according to the statement on the band’s official website. Due to this, they cancelled their upcoming tour dates and stopped all activities for a while. However, just before Christmas, it was announced that Akinori had decided it was best to leave the band and so, they are now back down to four.

This hasn’t destroyed their resolve completely, though, as vocalist Hazuki illustrated via his Instagram post along with guitarist Yusuke and his post that they still have a lot more to give this year. Be sure to check back when the reveal does happen as we will most definitely report on the future of lynch. It’s only just a matter of time now!

What do you think the band will announce? We can only gather it’s a new single or album. Regardless of what it is, they are back!

More info:
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