With every year that passes by, people always say things like, “There have been so many disbandments this year!” or, “This year has been terrible for the visual kei scene!” However, it’s not that there has been an increase of disbandments over the years, but rather an increase of reports and articles on them. Disbandments occur all the time, as there are literally hundreds of struggling bands out there, and this year is no different. Many bands have announced their separation or hiatus this year. In case you missed out on the sadness and existential crisis other fans went through, we at JROCK NEWS have compiled two lists for you, one including all announced disbandments and hiatuses, and another with the most surprising disbandments and hiatus of the year, which caught us all by surprise.

Most Surprising Disbandments and Hiatuses



Probably the one disbandment that caught both fans and non-fans by surprise, was Lycaon‘s decision to call it quits. Between being one of the most popular visual kei acts and their long trajectory as a band, their announcement to disband left everyone in shock. A clear reason was not given for this decision, just that it was made after “several discussions.” Lycaon officially disbanded this past November 6.

Calmando Qual

calmando qual

Calmando Qual may not have been the most successful of visual kei acts, nor had they achieved the popularity of other long-lasting bands like NIGHTMARE or the GazettE, but it was still surprising to see a band who had been playing together for almost 15 years disband. Like Lycaon, Calmando Qual did not give a reason for their separation, opting instead to just thank everyone for the support and desire to cherish the time left. Calmando Qual officially disbands next year, on June 9.

Black Gene for the Next Scene

Black Gene For the Next Scene-2

Black Gene for the Next Scene may not have had a long-lasting career like the previous bands mentioned, but they were still a pretty popular band of modern-day visual kei. BFN had their share of lost members, but all seemed to be okay when they recruited guitarist SAN, from the popular defunct band, NEGA. However, apparently everything was not okay, because only a few months after recruiting SAN, the band decided to stop all activities. The reasons for this decision were conflicts between members and musical differences, as stated in a message on their official website. While vocalist Ice is already preparing his own solo project, what will become of the rest of the members is still unknown. BFN will hold their last live on April 10.

The Kiddie


One of the veterans and most popular bands in the visual kei scene, The Kiddie, surprised many with their sudden announcement to disband after eight years of activities. But, as sudden as The Kiddie’s disbandment was the formation of Guts and Death, formed by three ex-The Kiddie almost two months after the dissolution of the band. The Kiddie disbanded on March 31, but at least fans still have the chance to see the majority of the members in Guts and Death, who are yet to release any material.



When a band releases an album and recruits a new member, the last thing that goes through one’s mind is that the band will dissolve. But, alas, that was the case for FACT. In February, FACT announced their new album and new recruitment, a guitarist from the UK. In March, the album was released. In April, disbandment. This left many fans in shock and disbelief, even more so because the band had already been together for 16 years, since 1999. The bright side of this news was the fact that the members promised to come back with new projects, so it was not all a complete downer. FACT officially disbanded this past November 20.



One of the most promising bands of the last five years was BIOSPHIA, who enchanted many with their metal music since their first release. As a result, fans were disappointed when the band announced to dissolve. after 4 years of activities, BIOSPHIA announced their last live shows, effectively disbanding this past April 2. Bassist Yuki already formed another band, however, named Archemi..


My Bacteria Heat Island

MY BACTERIA HEAT IsLAND was another promising band that had reached us these past few years. Formed by the vocalist of the now disbanded Chemical Pictures, MBHI was a popular band since its beginnings. However, the band was forced to go on hiatus due to health issues with vocalist tenten. To make matters worse, a couple months after announcing their hiatus, every member besides tenten decided to leave the band, leaving the vocalist as the only member. Whether the band will disband or tenten will find new members for the band is still up in the air.



Ten years of success can be a bit stressful on a band, which is why Sadie decided to take a break. Many fans were disappointed, but this seems to be a case in which we will actually see the band return, so I think we can rest assured that we will one day, sooner or later, see these guys back in action.

Well, this year certainly left a lot of surprising disbandings, don’t you guys think? Do you think other bands should be on the list? Tell us in the comments, but before you do, check the remaining disbandments that occurred or were announced this year; if you have been wondering why it has been so long since a band you listen to has announced any releases, maybe you’ll find the answer in this list (although we hope you don’t!).

Band Disbandment Details
CELL January 18 Info
the:Ø January 23 Info
RedruM February 27 Info
Xepher March 1 Info
The Kiddie March 31 Info
BIOSPHIA April 2 Info
ViViD April 29 Info
ZORO May 5 Info
amber gris May 27
RevleZ May 28 Info
0801弐209XX6 June 1 Info
MY BACTERIA HEAT IsLAND June 20 (hiatus) Info
Oneness July 24 Info
REALies August 8 Info
Sadie September 21 (hiatus) Info
Moran September 21 Info
ALSDEAD October 9 (hiatus) Info
yazzmad October 16 Info
Lycaon November 6 Info
Blitz November 7 Info
FACT November 20 Info
Lin -the end of corruption world- November 22 (hiatus) Info
VAASTU December 12 Info
LOST ASH December 22
UnRealistic January 13, 2016 Info
Femme Fatale January 15, 2016
Cardia January 27, 2016 Info
LIV’ERT February, 2016 Info
Souiumono February 10, 2016
Black Gene for the Next Scene April 10, 2016 Info
Calmando Qual June 9, 2016 Info

Let’s hope next year there won’t be as many disbandments! We can only wait and see, but until then, I’d like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year! Let’s support our favorite bands next year with all we’ve got!

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