BIOSPHIA only disbanded a few months ago, but bassist Yuuki doesn’t seem to be wasting time. He has announced a new band named ARCHEMI., marking his return to the scene. Almost all members of this new band seem to be newcomers to the scene except for the vocalist, who was previously in the band Zyn¢X.

As of today, there is still no previews to listen to or debut release date. What has been announced is their first live, it being on October 28 at Umeda AKASO. This live will feature bands such as umbrella, SHIVA, AvelCain, among others. Perhaps after this live the band will release a teaser of some sort.


Vo. isami (ex-Zyn¢X)
Gui: Noah
Bass: Yuuki (ex-Bloody Mary → Ego Immortalize (support) → Lovin’ (support) → Marvelous Maiden (support) → Zodia → Neah → BIOSPHIA)
Dr: Jun.

More info:
Official Website

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