Lycaon 『ジプシー』告知SPOT 11/06 赤坂BLITZ

Very surprising and shocking news. Lycaon has just announced that they will disband after their one-man live MASOCHIST RED OBSCURA Vol.2 -endroll- at AKASAK BLITZ on November 6.

Lycaon formed  in 2008 and officially debuted in 2010. Since then, they have released four full albums, being “Camera Obscura”, released just last month on February 4, the most recent album. But after several discussions, Lycaon decided to disband after eight years with only a few changes in drums and bass. However, the current line-up has been playing together since 2010.

Lycaon also has announced a final single before the disbandment titled “ジプシー“/”Gypsy” to be released on May 27. The single will contain the already released song “Gypsy” taken from their newest album Camera Obscura and will be limited to 1500 copies. It will come in two editions: limited edition (2100 yen + tax) will contain CD + DVD with the music video for the main track and an 8 pages lyric leaflet while regular edition (1500 yen+tax) will contain CD and a 4 pages lyric leaflet.

01.  ジプシー (Gypsy)
02. 新曲A (Shinkyoku A)
Gypsy Music video

More info:
Official Website
Twitter | Blog (Yuuki)
Twitter | Blog (Zero)
Twitter | Blog (Satioshi)
Twitter | Blog (Hiyuu)
Twitter | Blog (Ichirou)

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