It seems we have been struck with a bad wave of disbandings this week. After Cardia and Calmando Qual announced to disband, now Black Gene for the Next Scene has announced to stop all activities, as announced through a message on their official website. It’s worthy pointing out that they explicitly used the words “stop all activities” and not “disband“, to give fans some hope of their return in the future, as they stated they wanted to re-unite as a “new” BFN (although in most instances, bands never do). The message also states that throughout the four years the band has been together, while certainly good times and memories have been shared, they have also had their share of bad moments, including conflicts among members and differences in the band’s direction, citing these as the main reason for the band’s decision to stop activities.

It’s truly a shame to see another band bite the dust. But, for me personally, I just feel bad for guitarist SAN, who after being in the widely popular and successful band, NEGA, is the only active member from NEGA who has not been able to settle in another band. Vocalist Jin is going strong with The Black Swan, and bassist Ray has been having a successful start with his new band, Dead Children. Here’s a fan hoping SAN’s next project is a successful one.

Black Gene for the Next Scene’s last live will be held on April 10, at Ebisu Liquidroom.

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