Black Gene for the Next Scene’s vocalist, Ice, isn’t wasting any time after the band’s decision to stop all activities, and has announced to begin a solo project! This project seems to have been in the works for a while now, as his profile appeared under Union Entertainment‘s website quite a while ago.

Applications for support members are currently underway. Deadline for applications end on January. Ice is looking for a guitarist, bassist, drummer, and keyboardist. What is interesting, however, is that some of the requirements for these support members seem to indicate the type of music Ice is aiming for. Some of the requirements include being between 18-26 years old, and must be good at rock and pop. From this, We can make an educated guess that the music will appeal to young people, and maybe even consider this his major debut. Is Ice aiming for something SID-esque or A9-ish, perhaps? From his appearance we can also expect that he is shooting for broader audience, as he seems to be stepping away from the visual-kei look, opting instead for something simpler, a pair of jeans and a black dress shirt, also sporting less make-up and less flamboyant hair.

Ice’s project is expected to make a debut this spring, are you excited for it?

More info:
Official Website
Support Member Application


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