MIYAVI’s latest single Running In My Head was released on May 8 and is available to stream now. The song was announced as the theme song for the anime Code Geass: Rozé of the Recapture back in 2023. MIYAVI has also treated fans to live performances already, including when he performed in Los Angeles on February 4.

The song features MIYAVI’s signature guitar sound, an electric and fast-paced track that’s perfect for an action-packed anime like Code Geass. Running In My Head is already making waves, and has been featured in Spotify playlists such as New Music Wednesday, Buzz on TV, Anime Now, All New Rock, and of course CODE GEASS SERIES. There is also a B-side song Life Is Not That Long, a funky instrumental track that feels reminiscent of a spy thriller like James Bond.

Running In My Head

Code Geass: Rozé of the Recapture is the latest addition to the Code Geass franchise. Similar to the previous OVA series Code Geass: Akito the Exiled, this new four-part installment deviates from the original plot with a new cast of characters. It follows two mercenary brothers on a quest to recapture Empress Sakuya from the clutches of the Neo Britannian Empire.

Part 1 premiered in Japanese theaters on May 10. Part 2 is scheduled for June 7, Part 3 on July 5, and the final part on August 2. If you aren’t able to catch it in Japanese theaters, the series is also planned to release as 12 episodes on Disney Plus under the “Star” brand.

You can check out the trailer, which also features a clip of Running in My Head.

「コードギアス 奪還のロゼ」第1幕 ロゼ キャラクターPV

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  1. Running In My Head
  2. Life Is Not That Long