After building up the anticipation on social media, samurai guitarist MIYAVI finally released two new tracks to the world on February 4. The digital single Broken Fantasy, along with its B-side track Tragedy Of Us, introduces us to a new side of MIYAVI’s vocals, while still incorporating elements of his unique guitar playing.

The two songs have been released ahead of his upcoming two-part album Lost in Love, Found in Pain. The first part, Lost in Love, is scheduled to be released on April 3, marking MIYAVI’s first new studio album in three years.

On February 4, MIYAVI took the stage at the Fonda Theater in Los Angeles for the Tragedy Of Us headline show. JROCK NEWS had the privilege of attending this debut for his new songs. While introducing the two tracks, MIYAVI spoke briefly on the meaning of each song.

Broken Fantasy is about being lost in love, and he noted in particular that these feelings don’t have to be toward another person.

It could be a city, it could be a dream, it could be a thing. Sometimes we lose ourselves, we get lost in it. I almost got lost in this city [Los Angeles] when I moved here. So many things happened, the language barrier, the cultural difference. I just realized that I wanted to make the dream come or just keep chasing the dream.

Both Broken Fantasy and Tragedy of Us are built on dark themes, but MIYAVI doesn’t intend for them to be taken too negatively.

The tragedy of us, I feel as human beings, [is that] even if we love each other, we keep hurting each other. I see the karma in it, you know, from ancestors. And that’s what we see in this world in between Israel and Palestine. We’re supposed to love and support each other, but we hurt each other in the end.

Both Broken Fantasy and Tragedy of Us are available now to stream online, and his upcoming album Lost in Love is available for pre-order in both regular and limited editions.

MIYAVI also hinted he’d like to return to the States in April or May, so if you’re in the US and weren’t able to catch this month’s show in Los Angeles, fingers crossed that you still have a chance to see him this year!

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