yonige announces the release of a new EP titled Sanzen Sekai (三千世界) coming out on August 18. The project comes packed with six new songs that encapsulate the duo’s new visions while maintaining the essence of the world created so far by vocalist and guitarist Arisa, and bassist Gokkin.

The cover artwork for the EP is based on a drawing by vocalist Arisa Ushimaru. You can get Ushimaru’s art in the form of a sticker by purchasing the album at Tower Records Japan.

The upcoming EP arrives a year and three months after the release of their last musical material, the second major album Kenzen na Shakai. Here we saw the band explore new ideas with songs produced by Asian Kung-Fu Generation’s vocalist Masafumi Gotoh, and Chatmoncy’s bassist Akiko Fukuoka.

  1. Taigan no Kanojo
  2. Saimin Ryouhou
  3. Watashi wo Mitsukete
  4. Doko ka no Chime
  5. Kodomo wa Miteiru
  6. 27 Sai
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