Develop One’s Faculties released single peace/insomnia on June 2 and a music video preview for song peace thereafter. However, now, we have not one, but two music videos for the title tracks. The kicker is they couldn’t be more different from each other as this sees opposites attract. Let’s explore!


First up is the music video for calming song peace, revealing its playful music box intro and scenes of a still metropolitan night. Then there’s the addition of synths that also helps build this atmosphere before stripping it back to guitar chords.

It also sees asserter (vocalist) yuya take up most of the screen time as he lays down on his back, catching the blustery weather in his face as he sings towards the sky on a rooftop. It does take a while to pick up but it eventually leads to the band’s desaturated visual performance on said rooftop overlayed with scenes of flowers blooming in the sky.

At the end of the video, you’ll also find interspersed with long exposure shots of a blurred yuya in white, despairing on the road as cars go past him.


The closing despairing shots of yuya from peace tie in perfectly with the music video for chaotic song insomnia, as it focuses solely on yuya who is restlessly battling against his sleeping troubles.

What’s more is that it serves as an antithesis to song peace as it utilizes unstable camera angles, fast cuts, and intense sound.

yuya’s white shirt—similar to what he’s wearing in the peace music video—is now covered in patchy black paint as he tosses and turns on a bed in the middle of an empty road. He also engages in a funny jig and thrashes away at the bed while the lyrics appear onscreen and overlap each other.

The song is a wild ride for sure but what really stands out are the English lyrics such as “Spend sleepless night”, “Unstoppable heartbeat, a shrinking world”, and “I have insomnia, I don’t know why”. They’re impactful, unforgettable, and perfectly sums up the song.

  1. peace
  2. insomnia
  3. peace (instrumental)
  4. insomnia (instrumental)
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