Develop One’s Faculties released their single Humanoid on September 23 and have followed up with the music video for Nee. Completely losing themselves in the pitch-black backdrop, the members are dimly illuminated from the waist up for this fast-paced track.

Combined with Johannes charged drumming, the highspeed fingerpicking of asserter yuya create the feeling of urgency in the frenzied melody. With the disorientating speed of guitarist rui and bassist Hiromu on their fretboards, this dizzyingly fast track is paired with erratic camerawork. Dashing in and out and aggressively switching from scene to scene, perfectly emphasizing the tempo.

With its off-kilter guitars and a weird bassline, Nee is one of three tracks on the Humanoid single. From the single preview, we know each song has its own distinct sound so there’s a lot on offer! Be sure to check it out.



  1. Nee
  2. Virus
  3. kernel
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