Develop One’s Faculties released their single Humanoid on September 23 with a total of three songs and the band also uploaded a preview of it.

It is here that Develop One’s Faculties present each song with its own unique identity, giving us a sample of the unusual composition of Nee, the delayed guitars and Latin influence in Virus, and the fast-moving kernel.

Starting with the song Nee with its off-kilter guitars, weird bassline, and rapid drumming before leading up to the next song. Virus has drummer Johannes striking the rim of his drum with one half of the guitar section utilizing bright single notes and guitar delay to keep the song rolling. Then the final song kernal is non-stop with its vocals from asserter yuya bringing the intensity up alongside a steady tempo.

This, combined with their abstract outfits with bright bursts of color also accentuates the uniqueness of each song.



  1. Nee
  2. Virus
  3. kernel
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