NIGHTMARE recently live-streamed their 20th-anniversary live DARKNESS BEFORE DAWN where they announced a new single titled ink will see the light on October 7! No additional details have been disclosed at the moment so please wait patiently for the distant release date—we will keep you up to date in the meanwhile.

The initial minutes of their 20th anniversary live were also uploaded to the band’s Youtube channel, so please enjoy NIGHTMARE’s powerful performance of the songs Pandora, and Can You Do It?

This single will be NIGHTMARE’s first new music material in four long years since they entered hiatus back in 2016 and said farewell with the single Awakening. The band officially resumed its activities with the 20th Anniversary SPECIAL LIVE GIANIZM ~Sai Aku~ at Yokohama Arena on February 11, 2020.

  1. ink
  2. Fear
  3. Utsusemi
  1. ink
  2. Fear
  1. ink (Music video)
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