Today, NIGHTMARE fans can let out that breath they have been holding for three and a half years since the announcement of their hiatus and finally rejoice at the news of a brief resume in their activities with the celebration of their 20th Anniversary SPECIAL LIVE GIANIZM ~Sai Aku~ to be held at Yokohama Arena on February 11, 2020.

Many tears were shed when the 20th anniversary special live was announced at the end of their performance for little HEARTS 11th Anniversary Special Live at Zepp Tokyo. For the second year running the members of NIGHTMARE came together to each perform as their solo-projects for the event. This year the music store little HEARTS celebrated their 11th anniversary, and just like the previous year, each member of nightmare brought their own project; vocalist Yomi and his band TAKE NO BREAK; guitarist Hitsugi’s duo Gremlins; guitarist Sakito with JAKIGAN MEISTER; bassist Ni~ya and his band BULL FIELD; and drummer Ruka with LSN (LEGENDARY SIX NINE). However this year, leading up to the announcement of the anniversary special live, NIGHTMARE appeared on stage as a unit for the first time since their hiatus and rounded-off the little HEARTS live with the performance a few well-loved NIGHTMARE hits.

Outside Zepp Tokyo, the fans wait in the drizzle for the venue doors to open for little HEARTS 11th Anniversary Special Live.

This performance only fueled the emotions of the fans which were already high in the run-up to the event on October 14. Many hoped for a reunion announcement with the nearing of NIGHTMARE’s 20th anniversary on January 1, 2020—which had already been a goal point that NIGHTMARE mentioned in their original hiatus statement. Although not all of the fans’ wishes were granted tonight many will be elated that they can see the members perform as a group once again.

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