NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST⁠—a name we haven’t heard from in a while⁠—is making a comeback this year! Kicking things off is their new digital single, Life is Once. Seemingly out of nowhere, the band dropped a teaser for the song on May 28 then went on to release the full visualizer the same day. The song was released today, May 29, on iTunes and Apple Music and will be released on more digital platforms such as Google Play and Spotify beginning on June 8.

Life is Once signifies NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST’s drive to overcome the adversity the band endured in recent years. Setbacks including the departure of guitarists Cazqui and Daichi, the loss of the replacement guitarist Lin, and other events, shaped the band into what it is presently. You can certainly hear their resolve in the song which aggressively grabs your attention with heavy instrumentation and a mix of vocal styles including growls, screams, and a hint of rap. Check it out!

NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST - Life is Once (Official Visualizer)

By now, you’re probably excited with curiosity by who the new guitarist shredding away in the song might be. However, you’ll have to wait a bit longer to learn his identity as it’s yet to be revealed. However, in the lengthy announcement on their official website, the band promises more to come soon. So, we should all look forward to a more formal comeback with a new look as well as an introduction to the new guitarist in the near future. When that time comes, we’ll be here to let you know all about it.

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