NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST has announced that guitarist Cazqui and Daichi will leave the band after their performance on December 16. We hope you already got tickets to this sold-out show because this will be your last chance to see NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST in this line-up. The news broke out back in late October on the band’s website, including an external web page which explained the reason for their departure.

Two individuals from their label IRIS&CRISIS previously failed to reveal the two guitarists income and money spent. Cazqui and Daichi then found out through a lawyer that “person A” was using the money for personal usage. They have also not been paid song production and merch fees and feel that they cannot deliver their best in such a situation. Therefore, it’s been decided that they will leave the band.

Find the translated statement for Cazqui and Daichi’s depature below, translated by Twitter user activepain (we have made slight alteration to the translation):

Two individuals (henceforth A, and B) involved in the financial management of NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST’s label “IRIS&CRISIS”, were previously negligent in the disclosure of income and expenditure pertaining to Cazqui and Daichi. With a growing sense of distrust, both parties requested disclosure of income and expenditure from A, and B through a lawyer, where personal usage of money and large amounts of unaccounted-for expenditures by A came to light.

In addition to the deplorable behavior within the label mentioned above, Cazqui and Daichi have not yet been paid song production fees and merch design fees, and on that basis, they feel that can no longer continue NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST’s activities in such an environment, nor provide high-quality music or performances to fans and because of this, they will be leaving the band at the end of their scheduled activities within the year.

The performance in question is not a one-man live, however, but a now soldout event titled “L&P Attractive Presents Metal Square vol.4 Selection By Cazqui”, to be held at Shibuya STREAM HALL.

This event sees a total of eight bands including NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST, both visual and non-visual kei, who have cemented their sound in metal. The lineup includes DARRELL, DEVILOOF, DEXCORE, DIMLIM, HER NAME IN BLOOD, JILUKA, and Victim of Deception.

Even though it’s not one-man show, I think it is a great send off for Cazqui and Daichi as they’re surrounded by their contemporaries consisting of both juniors and seniors.

Occasionally members either leave abruptly midtour, after the bands final one-man or if they reach the end of their touring schedule, with no further planned tours beyond that. However, seeing as NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST have performances far and few between, its understandable that Cazqui and Daichi will leave after their final performance of the year.

These two have also been holding their own events with their sound project Chapter of Paradosis that has reached its third volume already. So even though they won’t be in NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST anymore, you can be sure that they’ll continue doing their own thing, one way or the other.

Their last release to feature their current lineup was the frosty WHITEOUT EP released on March 7.

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