In our latest interview with Crossfaith, the band revealed an unannounced EP that will be joining their discography this spring. As vocalist Ken explains, the upcoming EP will bring five songs to the table and a very special guest who contributes to the vocals, one that will surely surprise many!

Crossfaith has in the past already featured rock artists such as Masato from coldrain, Benji from Skindred, Rou Reynolds from Enter Shikari, and more. However, the guest vocalist this time is apparently someone who is not from the rock scene. Our guess is as good as yours, let’s patiently wait for spring and see what will come out of this exciting release.

Ken was also very enthusiastic about the new work, stating:

With the new upcoming EP, it’s similar to how we approached [the album] XENO or Zion. We just wanted to create stronger songs so I cannot wait to share the new music from the upcoming EP with you all.

Make sure to also have a listen to Crossfaith’s latest release Endorphine which is damn heavy!

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