Crossfaith has begun its European tour “Synchronicity Tour 2020” and at the same time released the extremely powerful single Endorphin. The song is not only powerful but certainly addictive as the track title suggests and vocalist Kenta Koie had a few words to say about that:

Do you want a new acid? We are so proud to reveal our new era with Endorphin, our new masterpiece to fascinate people. It will take you to another level of excitement and we can’t wait to play this song during out upcoming headlining tour!

Endorphin marks Crossfaith’s first music release since the digital single Soul Seeker, and the physical album EX_MACHINA from 2018, so we’re quite excited that they made sure to commence their European tour with an explosive blast!

As the tour is currently on-going, make sure to check out the guys if you have the chance. For more details about the tour, head to our previous coverage.

Promo image for Crossfaith’s UK and EU-tour, “Synchronicity Tour 2020”.


Digital edition


  1. Endorphin

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