ACME had a rough start to the year, as their merch was stolen during their US tour. Despite that, the band pushed through the hardship and were able to release their digital-only single Usogao on March 4, and its music video which takes place on a blustering rooftop!

アクメ(ACME) / 『嘘顔(USOGAO)』【MV】

In the first section of the music video, the band moshes to the heavy number in near darkness as smoke billows. Stage lights cross over each other revealing the monochrome setting which clashes against glaring red lights, creating interesting visual effects!

ACME is barely visible in the faint lighting.

It’s not until the chorus, however, that it transitions to them moshing on a blustery rooftop with their hair blowing and performing against the windy elements, complementing their turbulent sound well.

The wind gusting through their hair makes them barely visible too.

The turbulent sound is created by a hectic drum intro from HAL, heavy instrumentation by guitarist SHOGO and the combination of clean vocals and growling from CHISA. This is matched perfectly with a light chorus from CHISA’s soaring vocals and RIKITO’s constantly moving bassline. It isn’t without an impressive breakdown, however, fully showing off the range of CHISA’s harsh vocals.

They also released artist photos with the single that sees the band wear a stylish, grey, school uniform, complete with a spray-painted smiley face on the side of their blazers. Usogao translates to ”lying face” and so the smiley face goes well with their concept. You can check out the new look and tracklist for Usogao below!

Usogao (嘘顔)


  1. Usogao (嘘顔)
  2. You are my LOVE

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More info:
Official Website
Twitter (CHISA)
Twitter (SHOGO) (将吾)
Twitter (RIKITO)
Twitter (HAL)
Instagram (CHISA)
Instagram (SHOGO) (将吾)
Instagram (HAL)

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