Today we have to unfortunately share the heartbreaking story of ACME’s tour van and trailer being broken into overnight during their US West Coast tour. This led to the band losing equipment and most of their merchandise which they heavily rely on to make the tour possible. Fortunately, all members and staff are safe.

So far the band has only performed one show, on January 5 in Seattle, and has three more to go. The band intends to continue the tour but due to the big loss, it’s not very sustainable. If you want to show your support and allow the members to continue the tour with more peace of mind, please head over to their GoFundMe page where you can donate any amount as you please.

ACME Tour Van Break in Support:

You can see the aftermath of the smashed window below.

On January 5, ACME had their first west coast tour show in Seattle. Overnight after the show, their tour van and trailer were broken into. The window of the van was smashed and the lock on the trailer was cut. Some equipment and most of the merchandise was stolen.

While we are relieved that all members and staff are safe, unfortunately the value of the equipment and merchandise is something difficult to replace with the projected tour budget.

We feel deeply grateful to our fans for all the support they have shown so far, but we now need to ask you once again to help us so ACME can continue the west coast tour.

All funds will be used to recoup the costs for the stolen equipment and merchandise production costs as well as support the remaining tour expenses.

Thank you for any support you can provide in donations or in sharing.

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