The name of the band previously known as A9 will evolve once again! The band announced their decision to revert their name back to the Japanese spelling they used at the very beginning of their career, アリス九號. (Alice Nine). Under this name, the band scheduled a new single titled Revolutionary Blooming (革命開花) to be released in October. Their new look is now unveiled, which sees each member posing in a stairway under a red filter.

In other news, the band will hold a festival titled Beautiful Beast Fest on August 24 in which A9 will be the opening act, as if it was an alter ego, while Alice Nine (アリス九號.) will be closing the festival. Other invited bands include the revived ayabie, luz, Plastic Tree’s Ryutaro Arimura, R-Shitei, and LM.C.

Revolutionary Blooming will be the first release since the compilation albums Kacho no Shirabe, and Fugetsu no Uta this year in April. Previously, the band released their eighth album Planet Nine back in early 2018.

We have seen several changes in the stylization of their band name including アリス九, アリス九號., alice nine., Alice Nine, and the latest one, A9, which the band chose after leaving PS Company in 2014, and used until now. However, this is the first time the band will be using a previous stylization.

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