Sengoku Jidai—The age of civil wars— recently released their sentimental single Sengoku Enka on May 1, a work that even GACKT praised and endorsed. Now a month after, we’re finally able to enjoy the music video, which turns out to be a comedic one.

Despite the traditional Japanese and sorrowful tunes Sengoku Enka brings, we find it accompanied by a comedic music video where three of the members take the role of being bullies. However, if there are bullies, there must also be victims. In this story, the unfortunate victim is the household’s new young worker which goes through a painful life while doing her best to serve her masters. Looking at it from this perspective, the sorrowful Sengoku Enka makes a perfect match for such a struggling story. To those who are up-to-date with their idols, the actor who acts as the victim is no other than Ayaka Namiki from Ciào Smiles.

In addition to the traditional Japanese sound we’re used to from Sengoku Jidai, Sengoku Enka also includes trumpets which elevate the liveliness of the song. The usage of this surprised us at first, as it’s not an instrument you would expect from a traditional Japanese rock band, but it turns out, it really suits this type of song!

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Sengoku Enka


  1. Sengoku Enka
  2. Sakurahubuki kimi wo shinobi
  3. Sengoku Ondo

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  1. Sengoku Enka
  2. Sakurahubuki kimi wo shinobi
  3. Sengoku Ondo

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