Sengoku Jidai -The age of civil wars- has announced their upcoming single Sengoku Enka that will be out on May 1. Amid all the preparation, drummer S.N.D (also known as Jun-ji from BULL ZEICHEN 88) sent over a physical disc of Sengoku Enka to GACKT and let him inspect the songs before anyone else! As GACKT used to play in the same band together with S.N.D, he was pleasantly surprised to receive this gift and exhibited a delightful facial expression.

Once GACKT started playing the music he transitioned into being in awe instead and expressed:

That’s what I call Japanese rock! The vocalist is really good!

What a tearful melody.

It’s pretty awesome. It’s cool.

GACKT made sure to share it with the world and posted this on his Instagram (IGTV) to help promote Sengoku Jidai’s awesome music!

Promotion videos for the upcoming single Sengoku Enka:

戦国時代-The age of civil wars- NEW SINGLE release!!

In conjunction with the release, the band will also be embarking a tour starting April 5 in the Kanto region, including Saitama city.

Sengoku Enka


  1. Sengoku Enka
  2. Sakurahubuki kimi wo shinobi
  3. Sengoku Ondo

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Digital edition


  1. Sengoku Enka
  2. Sakurahubuki kimi wo shinobi
  3. Sengoku Ondo

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More info:
Official Website

Facebook (Kazuma)
Twitter (Nao-A)
Twitter (YU+KI)
Twitter (Kz)
Twitter (Kazuma)
Twitter (S.N.D/Jun-ji)
Instagram (Date/Ju-ken)

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