Upon DIMLIM releasing single Rijin on June 5 and even artist photos prior to that, the band has now also revealed its corresponding music video!


It’s here we see the band performing in an empty hospital with vocalist Sho appearing in different places around the vicinity. A lot of these scenes show him surrounded by pure white colors, whether that’s the walls or curtains.

A distinctive part in the video is when Sho eventually comes face to face with a darkened being through a hospital window, as they sit up from a hospital bed, wearing all black, and with their face distorted. This is all while the camera focuses on medicine cabinets, medical utensils, surgical lighting, an abandoned bed frame, amongst other things.

Vocalist Sho facing a darkened entity through a window

The instrumentation itself is more akin to vanitas with the use of Sho’s soft, operatic vocalization and tapping from guitarist Retsu, minus the screams. There is also this very distinct Latin and funky vibe that emanates from the guitar work, all of which wonderfully meld together with the basslines and the thundering and crashing drums.

Rijin (離人)


  1. Rijin (離人)
  2. Nikushu to Hanshoku to Fukaikan (肉腫と繁殖と不快感)

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More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Ryuya) (竜弥)
Twitter (Retsu) (烈)
Twitter (Taishi) (大志)
Twitter (Hiroshi) (鴻志)
Instagram (Ryuya) (竜弥)
Instagram (Retsu) (烈)
Instagram (Taishi) (大志)
Instagram (Hiroshi) (鴻志)

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