DIMLIM gradually built up hype on social media, only to finally reveal that their live-limited two CD release Kidoairaku, will be available at their CHEDOARA TSUTAYA O-WEST one-man performance on August 17!

The first CD included in Kidoairaku (喜怒哀楽) consists of four tracks, “Ki”, “Do”, “Ai”, and “Raku”. Kidoairaku translates to “human emotions” with each song equating to a different, and significant emotion. First track Ki means to rejoice or take pleasure in, Do means anger, Ai means grief or sorrow, and Raku means comfort or ease. It could only lead us to believe that the band will display these very emotions on CD.

The second CD has just two tracks, xxxxxx -white-, and xxxxxx -black, which could be anything but one thing’s for sure, it’ll be interesting!

It’s still a long way off but don’t worry as new material is coming sooner than we think! The band will also release single Rijin on June 5, but as of yet, no details have been announced for it.

We also got some cool-looking artist photos with everyone member in black except vocalist Sho, a short video promoting the performance, as well as a poster with a distorted design on it.

Cool-looking flyer for DIMLIM’s one-man “CHEDOARA”

DIMLIM’s promotion video for their August one-man live.

Kidoairaku (喜怒哀楽)


  1. Ki (喜)
  2. Do (怒)
  3. Ai (哀)
  4. Raku (楽)


  1. xxxxxx -white-
  2. xxxxxx -black-

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Rijin (離人)

  • Tracklist to be announced

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More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Ryuya) (竜弥)
Twitter (Retsu) (烈)
Twitter (Taishi) (大志)
Twitter (Hiroshi) (鴻志)
Instagram (Ryuya) (竜弥)
Instagram (Retsu) (烈)
Instagram (Taishi) (大志)
Instagram (Hiroshi) (鴻志)

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