ACME has announced that they will release single Mononoke Requiem on July 10! Tickling your fancy is type A containing the title track Mononoke Requiem and its karaoke version. This is while type B also has Mononoke Requiem but adds second track Golden Time and third track ACME’s music commentary.

They originally announced the single on May 5 but didn’t fully release the details for it until recently. Going from the red jumpsuits in Hokago no Shiiku, ACME have opted for all white costuming for Mononoke Requiem with colorful and flowery ruffles to complement the look.

ACME will also be heading back to U.S.A for the second time this summer as they are due to perform at convention A-KON 2019! Held in Dallas, Texas, from June 27 to June 30, their appearance date and time is to be announced in the future.

Check out all the details for the single below!

Mononoke Requiem (モノノケレクイエム)

Type A


  1. Mononoke Requiem (モノノケレクイエム)
  2. Mononoke Requiem (モノノケレクイエム) (Karaoke Version)

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Type B


  1. Mononoke Requiem (モノノケレクイエム)
  2. Golden Time (ゴールデンタイム)
  3. ACME’s Music Commentary (アクメによる楽曲解説 副音声)

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