After rocking a successful overseas debut at Anime Milwaukee just last month, ACME (アクメ) keeps up the momentum by announcing their fourth and latest single, Houkago no Shiiku. The single is scheduled to drop in two types on April 3, but we got a sneak peek at the visuals yesterday!

The band also released a short clip of the upcoming music video, promising something much darker than what we’re used to from the usually wild-and-crazy group.

We know and love ACME for pushing the envelope in their brightly-colored music videos, billing themselves as “juvenile delinquents from a parallel universe”, and adopting the idol tradition of giving each band member a signature color. When the band revealed their look on their website and official Twitter, we were surprised to see no “power ranger” looks this time, instead with the members donning orange jumpsuits and a decidedly serious look.

The new single, “Houkago no Shiiku”, signals that playtime is over in a dramatic fashion.

The preview does not give us much to go on in terms of story, but we can guess from the song title, which combines the terms for “after school” (Houkago) and “raising/rearing/breeding” (Shiiku), that we are looking at something secretive or perhaps even taboo. What we see of the video’s storyline features prominently a relationship between two women, although the nature of the relationship is unclear. Between monochromatic scenery, lonely city sights, and slightly ominous title, we aren’t in for a cheesy love ballad. 

Even scenes of ACME performing see the normally vibrant members cast largely in shadow.

One thing is for sure: ACME proves they aren’t fooling around. They are serious, versatile, and not afraid to talk about shocking topics!

Look forward to the release on April 3, and a number of instore release events across Japan beginning on April 7. Check out the full list on their official website.

Houkago no Shiiku

Type A


  1. Houkago no Shiiku (放課後の飼育)
  2. SENKOU (English ver. )

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Type B


  1. Houkago no Shiiku (課後の飼育)
  2. SENKOU (English ver.)
  3. Paradox (LIVE Take at Shibuya Club Quattro on November 24. 2018)
  4. Gekiyami Serenade (LIVE Take at Shibuya Club Quattro on November 24. 2018)
  5. ADVENTURE TIME (LIVE Take at Shibuya Club Quattro on November 24. 2018)

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