ARTiCLEAR has been one of the new bands to keep an eye on since late last year, and with an early listen at their work, we craved for even more! Our prayers have been met and we can now indulge ourselves with the band’s first music video Hekiraku no ‘Kimi’ he. Not only can you enjoy the dark and melancholic sound of ARTiCLEAR for seven minutes, but also the translated lyrics embedded in the video as subtitles.

On a surface level, the story touches on death anxiety, powerlessness, and the fear of losing a loved one. Hekiraku no ‘Kimi’ he truly captures a mystic, dark, and despair sound, almost reminiscent of the earlier era of visual kei. It of course also gives us a lot of THE BLACK SWAN vibes which three of the band members used to be a part of, that is, vocalist Jin, guitarist Itsuki, and guitarist Makoto. The band also interestingly kept the spirit alive as they used “black swan” metaphorically in the lyrics. Not to say this is a reference to the band itself, nonetheless.

To the end of the sky even the black swan can’t flapping

For the remaining members, bassist Rui used to be a part of SCREW, and drummer Taji in AUTO-MOD.

So far, we have not received any official dates for their upcoming work, but the band is planning on performing live on March 5, at Shibuya TSUTAYA O-WEST, so don’t miss the chance to experience this super band live!

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Official Website
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Twitter (Itsuki)
Twitter (Makoto)
Twitter (Rui)
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Instagram (Jin)
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