It was an unexpected release, but the trio group REOL unveiled the music video for New Type Tokyo at last, a song from Endless EP which was released before their disbandment. Not to be confused by the solo project vocalist Reol is running on her own, that one is still in good shape.

In an undramatic fashion, the music video release resulted in vocalist Reol posting some throwback photos and videos onto Twitter, as well as breaking movie creator Okiku’s Twitter silence as she’s barely active on the platform anymore—which she too acknowledged in the LINE blog.

As Okiku’s title “movie creator” implies, she’s the one behind the saturated red and blue, candy-filled, and playful music video that New Type Tokyo is. Not only is it playful, it also features Reol in a cute chibi form who follows a charming choreography. The candy-filled visuals are there because the main theme of the song itself is actually “food”, apparently Okiku made them herself using clay!

In the matter of the two dominating colors found in the music video, Reol explains that she thinks red and blue are well representative of Tokyo. Why is that you might wonder? Maybe this little hint below will give you an idea?

Left is Tokyo Tower, and on the right, you’ll find Tokyo Skytree.

This explains why the bear (avatar of sound producer Giga) is red, and why the bunny (Okiku’s avatar) is blue.

Go ahead and enjoy the cute little treat below and tell us what you think of the music video, in the comment section!

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