Screaming Inside Can Kill. (Sick.) shares a music video for Resonance. taken from their upcoming six-track mini-album Sick of you. The release date has yet to be specified but you can expect Sick of you. to be released sometime in April!

The band recently reformed and gained three new members that have definitely affected their sound. The first thing we notice is the use of synthesizers which were practically inexistent in their previous albums. The instrumental of this song sounds a little bit heavier as well due to the low-tuned bass and the mixing of the drums. However, the most distinctive element of Sick. is still there: Nakashiki’s voice.

Check out the song yourself down below and let us know what you think of Sick.’s rebirth as a five-piece band:

Sick of you.


Regular edition


  1. Resonance.
  2. Misery. (Retake ver.)
  3. Kagerou to Bokura (蜉蝣と僕等.)
  4. Colors.
  5. Song for you.
  6. Voice. (Full orchestra ver.)

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