We previously reported on Screaming Inside Can Kill. (Sick.) returning with a new release as a five-piece band once again. There are now details on both the line-up and the upcoming mini-album Sick of you.

Guitarist Lyu Sakai, bassist Tokio Ozaki, and drummer Shiyu Nagahashi are the new musicians joining the original members, vocalist Nakanashi Tatsuki and guitarist Konishi Fuki, previously known as Shiki and Fuki respectively.

As for the mini-album, it will consist of six songs including a re-arranged version of Misery from their first self-titled mini-album and a full orchestra version of Voice, from their second mini-album II i I vii. Are you excited to hear the new sound of the band? Let us know in the comment section.

And here are the individual pictures of the band members:

Sick of you.


Regular edition


  1. Resonance.
  2. Misery. (Retake ver.)
  3. Kagerou to Bokura (蜉蝣と僕等.)
  4. Colors.
  5. Song for you.
  6. Voice. (Full orchestra ver.)

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More info:
Official Website
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Twitter (Konichi Fuki)
Twitter (Lyu Sakai)
Twitter (Tokio Ozaki)
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